I’m Jen, a visual artist living and working in Trowbridge. Growing up in this town I’ve observed many changes here – some good, some bad. Trowbridge has a hidden beauty which I seek to unlock through my own artwork, and what we show at the Town Hall Gallery.

In 2018 I co-founded the Court Street Gallery with Alex Compton & my mum Marleen Hamblin. Our intention was to create a vibrant space that welcomes everyone. As artists ourselves, it was important for us to be creating our own work within this space whilst also supporting other local creatives. We offer exhibition opportunities and our teaching area hosts a diverse range of classes.

Partnering with The Town Hall to provide visual art in a prominent Trowbridge venue is an exciting challenge. The new vision to return the Town Hall to a community space enjoyed by everyone mirrors our values at Court Street. Taking on the Gallery at Town Hall is a fantastic opportunity. As the new curator I am keen for everyone to feel comfortable. To feel able to enjoy, engage and interact with the visual arts on display.

Galleries can be intimidating at times and we hope to change this perception. Offering a very warm welcome and safe environment that encourages all to get involved.

Our recent exhibition inspired by Grayson Perry’s lockdown art club hosted artwork from both amateur and professional artists hung alongside one another and ages ranged from 4yrs old to 84years old. This experience was received with enthusiasm and offered the opportunity for locals to come together and celebrate creativity in all forms.

If you’re interested in exhibiting at the Town Hall, please get in touch.