Outreach Programme: Dream, Develop and Deliver

Beginning in October 2023, we will be delivering an outreach programme called Dream, Develop and Deliver. It will have two elements, the first concentrating on community theatre, the second on original music. In each case, the Dream phase is about bringing together as many young people as possible aged approximately between sixteen and twenty-four. Over a period of three months, every individual will be encouraged to speak openly about what they would like to focus on, whether acting, dancing, singing, songwriting, or working behind the scenes designing sets and costumes, or being lighting and sound technicians. Then, together, we will Develop those ideas. In terms of the theatre project, the group will work with a writer to bring all their ideas together to create a narrative, or story. For those pursuing the music programme, the choice will be to work within groups who may prefer to develop their musicianship, songwriting and performing, while others explore the techniques of sound design for stage plays and films or, even, hone their skills behind a mixing desk. All the work will be overseen by experienced and empathetic mentors who have helped countless young people reach their potential.

Most of the workshops scheduled for the Dream and Develop phases will take place once or twice a week in the early evenings, with rehearsals and performances mostly organised for the weekends.

The programme is open to anybody, even if you have never thought of performing or participating in theatre and music before. If you are reading this as an adult, think about the younger people you know who might at least want to attend the Dream phase to find out whether it is something they might be interested in. There will be no pressure for them to participate, it will be entirely their choice. If you want to know what these outreach projects can achieve, just ask any of those who participated in The Four Winds, our recent community theatre collaboration with the National Theatre. It was a transformative experience for every single one of them, and with their new-found confidence, each wants to realise even more about their potential.

If you want to find out more about the Outreach Programme, please email: info@trowbridgetownhall.com