Hearing Voices Group

I work for Rethink, a national mental health charity, for four years. I got involved in the group because there is very little support available for people who hear voices. I wanted to make sure that people always had a safe space that they could go to so they could share what they were going through.

There is so much stigma about voices, that people are often afraid to share their experiences even with their closest family and friends. I wanted the group to show people that they are not alone and that hearing voices is a normal human experience. In fact it’s not as rare as people think. After all, so many people, from Anthony Hopkins to Vinny Jones, Churchill and Florence Nightingale have all heard voices.

The Town Hall is a great place to hold our meetings in. It’s a beautiful, historic and welcoming building and also has great facilities.

Visit our website to find out more about what we do www.hearing-voices.org, or visit the What’s On page to see when we’re next meeting at the Town Hall.

Gavin Perry-Harry, HVG