Bryony Cox

Bryony Cox

I am a fine artist, actor and musician. My work encompasses drawing, painting, animation, short film and live performance. I have a BA in Drawing from Falmouth University and have just completed an MA in Actor Musicianship. 

Following my first degree I spent a few years travelling. I became excited by capturing the small unguarded moments of people whose everyday lives were so different from my own. The diversity of the people that I observed has continued to stay with me as an important part of my work within the studio.

In more recent years I have explored the wonderful skies of Wiltshire and use pastels and oil paints to recreate the ever moving and changing skies around me. During my recent MA, I have created short research films exploring how I can use all my skills to play with anthropomorphising objects and putting them centre stage in a performance setting.

The Town Hall is an incredible building that allows me the space and freedom to realise my ideas. My plans for the future are to continue exploring creative processes and everyday moments. Perhaps looking at making a short animated film of my studio and all the comings and goings outside the window. 

My work is to be found across my websites and

Bryony Cox, Resident Artist