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Exclusive Member’s Event

As someone running a building that’s been around for over a century, I often take the long view. Back in 1889, when our Town Hall was opened, there was a strong spirit of civic responsibility. The building itself was a gift to the people of Trowbridge, built “for the benefit of the inhabitants of the… Read more »

A cycle of ups and downs leads to a Series of Beginnings

2020 was a strange year, a rollercoaster, with lots of dips, but, to be honest, a few ups too. For our Drawing Now group, most weeks were punctuated with an online meeting. Michele has been leading our group for several years, and she offered her time and expertise to continue to guide us. When we… Read more »

Uncover Reopens

I’m Antonia and I run the shop in the Town Hall (now called Uncover!). I’ve been doing this for over a year now but what a year it’s been….! With Covid-19 restrictions due to ease soon, I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you all back into our shop. I’ve got some lovely new stock… Read more »

Let Us Entertain You

Back in 2019, pre-pandemic – in the old normal – places used to put on entertainment. We’d gather in tens, hundreds or thousands and watch something. Together. Sometimes it’d move us, sometimes make us laugh. Sometimes we’d love it, sometimes not so much. Afterwards we’d think about it, talk about it, maybe see our world… Read more »

Work With Us: Development & Communications Manager

We are recruiting for a vital new role to work with Trowbridge Town Hall at an incredibly exciting time for the organisation. The person appointed will have responsibility for leading on income generation within the organisation, including working with our catering, retail and creative studio tenants and partners. They will also lead on external communications… Read more »

Work With Us: Office & Finance Manager

We are recruiting for a managerial role to work with Trowbridge Town Hall. This person will manage the finances, contracts, policies and HR of the organisation. They will also support the governance and fundraising. This is a full-time role. This is an essential role. It holds the processes which underpin the operations of the whole… Read more »

Meet Lorena

From my earliest days studying journalism in Venezuela, I’ve always been fascinated by the arts and our need, as humans, to communicate and connect. Before moving to the UK, I worked in a film distribution company and for local film festivals, and I was a lecturer of Films and TV at a University. When I… Read more »

Celebrate – Trowbridge’s Community Paper

Five hundred years ago, whilst Britain was tearing itself apart over an ideological and traumatic break from Europe, something remarkable was happening in Venice. Words in ink soaked into paper, the paper was folded in four and then disseminated across the city. For the first time in human history, the inhabitants of a city had… Read more »

Culture Recovery Fund Award

Trowbridge Town Hall is among more than 2,700 recipients to benefit from the latest round of awards from the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund This award will enable the organisation to reawaken the Town Hall with live music and work with communities across the town. Trowbridge Town Hall has received a grant of £38,635 from… Read more »

Gavin Osborn Joins The Team

When you’re writing songs at home in your bedroom, it really does feel like you’ve pulled the sword from the stone and done something impossible. With nothing more than your thoughts and words and fingers on strings, you’ve built something that wasn’t there before. Like a magic trick. It’s not a house or a cupboard… Read more »