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The Making Of: A Song for Trowbridge

46,000 people, 121 conversations, 1 song. A song for you. A Song for Trowbridge. The Making Of: A Song for Trowbridge In April 2020, I was working in my other job at Wiltshire Rural Music, when Trowbridge Town Hall director David Lockwood asked if I would be part of a series of YouTube conversations, with… Read more »

Illuminating The Overlooked at Trowbridge Museum

Our curator Jen Hamblin is herself a practicing artist living and working in Trowbridge. Currently she is presenting an exhibition of her work ILLUMINATING THE OVERLOOKED at the newly re opened Trowbridge Museum. This exhibition is a collaborative exhibition alongside artist Kati Saqui and architect Laurence Ingram. The exhibition runs until the end of October…. Read more »

2019 Open Exhibition Prize Winner Brings New Exhibition to Town Hall

Jane Eaton, winner of Trowbridge Town Hall’s annual Open Submission Exhibition brings her new exhibition ‘The Oak Tree – Reconnecting to Nature‘ to The Gallery at Trowbridge Town Hall. Opening on Friday 10th September and continuing until Friday 22nd October, this exhibition explores one of the most ancient cross cultural, universally recognised symbols throughout the UK… Read more »

Closure of We Are Undressed

Leyla has made the difficult decision to close the We Are Undressed shop in the Town Hall. She’d like to thank everyone for their support, but the past 18 months have been particularly challenging. You can listen to Leyla’s full statement and keep up to date with their journey on social media. Facebook—We Are Undressed… Read more »

A Festival of Ideas

On Thursday we welcomed over 150 people into the beautiful setting of the Sensory Garden. What made this day even more special, was that it was the culmination of a fantastic project we’ve been working on over the past year, combined with an opportunity for us to thank our organisations’ members with a summer party…. Read more »

Volunteers’ Week

Volunteers’ Week takes place in June every year and is a chance to recognise the fantastic contribution volunteers make to our communities. Frankly we should be thanking volunteers all the time as I know how important it is to the Town Hall in Trowbridge, as without our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to run the… Read more »

Film at The Town Hall

Cinemas are reopening after a long period of uncertainty and big changes for the sector. In the middle of this transformation, we are launching a new weekly offer at Trowbridge Town Hall. This is moved by passion and the conviction that nothing compares to the collective experience of watching a film on the big screen… Read more »

Exclusive Member’s Event

As someone running a building that’s been around for over a century, I often take the long view. Back in 1889, when our Town Hall was opened, there was a strong spirit of civic responsibility. The building itself was a gift to the people of Trowbridge, built “for the benefit of the inhabitants of the… Read more »

A cycle of ups and downs leads to a Series of Beginnings

2020 was a strange year, a rollercoaster, with lots of dips, but, to be honest, a few ups too. For our Drawing Now group, most weeks were punctuated with an online meeting. Michele has been leading our group for several years, and she offered her time and expertise to continue to guide us. When we… Read more »

Uncover Reopens

I’m Antonia and I run the shop in the Town Hall (now called Uncover!). I’ve been doing this for over a year now but what a year it’s been….! With Covid-19 restrictions due to ease soon, I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you all back into our shop. I’ve got some lovely new stock… Read more »