Memories, Murder and Misery – Exploring creative non-fiction

04 March - 08 April
Time 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Price £48 course fee/ free for eligible learners

In this course we will study a range of creative non-fiction (CNF)
including: travel writing, true crime, memoir and (auto) biography. We will
look at how writers of non-fiction bring their stories to life using dialogue,
setting and point of view. As well as reading excerpts from a
variety of texts, students are encouraged to participate in some writing
activities and use a writer’s notebook to generate ideas. Perhaps you
have a favourite place you want to write about or an event that has
shaped your life?

This course will help you gain confidence in your
writing, encourage you to make a regular writing habit and help you tell
your story honestly and authentically, as only you can.

To enrol please quote the course
reference C3533143 either online
at or by ringing
0300 303 3464

Course eligibility criteria
Evidence of set criteria will be required to access our
courses for free. For full details of these requirements please
call us or visit our website. Students who are not eligible to
attend for free are still able to attend for a subsidised
booking fee. Details of these again are available by
contacting us by phone or by visiting our website.

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